Saturday, 18 February 2012

Black Classical History of Spiritual Jazz 1955-2012

Serious about your Spiritual? Then Black Classical's got all the bases covered with this truly epic 12 hour mass.

Go Here Now ;


taro nombei said...

are you kidding?
I'm there like greased lightning!
Thanks for the heads-up!!

aviva said...

Oh. My. Goddess. Thank you for alerting us to this fine music! I'm not moving as fast as @taro nombei (he's like "greased lightning:), but I am running at a pretty fast pace! Gracias.

katonah said...

Comments matter:

Here's a goodie from Isis Apple;

yeah always loved this one...
some more tunes from the summer program here (maybe you didn't hear some of them before)
& a download offered

Jo/No said...

Wow, what a massive package!! As I'm on a slow connection my computer probably gonna have to struggle all day with the download but it will defintely be worth it! Muchas gracias!

blackclassical said...

Nice one Mr. K you that mofuckin' man!