Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rick Lawn

Rick Lawn's POWER OF TEN

A recommendation of the highest order. A classy new release from the man behind the ultra rare "Compass Rises" private press on schoolhouse records, Ohio. These guys should be supported and heard. Drop by Rick's place and find out more ...


Essential gears!


katonah said...

the jazzstronaut said...

Thanks for the heads up, Katonah.

Gildas said...

If Earth Tones is in the same vein as Bob James / Grover magnificient masterpiece (thanks also to Phil Upchurch, Harvey Mason, Eric Gale, Ralph MacDonald),...well... let's check anyway !!


Gildas said...

Not wonderful to me. Sorry.

And why no mention of Bob James (Earth Tones) or Hopscotch original composer

Compass Rises (1975) is much much better. Complete different approach
Buy it here

It just convince me (again) that old Jazzmen do not sound groovy any more at least in their record (and Meshell will tell you the difference between performing and recording...check her Berkley video).

It is not a critic. They play what they currently like and they like OK jazz. If they have fun, that's more important than please crazyfragilosexy jazzfunk fan!

I say that and no, I am no young flesh. Just an average 38 y.old jazz afficionados.

But it is true. I saw many times Herbie Hancock. No more Mwandishi for this gentleman. Same for Eddie Henderson, seen in Paris in the 90's.

What is the last juicy song you heard composed by Herbie Hancock ? Chick Correa ? Roy Ayers ?

Exceptions remain only for performing. Like Prince, Wayne Henderson, Pete Cosey, Jeff lee Johnson (2001 News From The Jungle - what a sound!!), Erik Truffaz, Tribe (though thanks to Detroit techno DJ Carl Craig).

Because it is more about creativity than about the groove. Like Prince is still groovy but with his old songs. He does not create any more. "Sticky like Glue" is a nice song but not as crazy as Sexy Dancer (Long Version) or Head...

What is the last juicy song you heard composed by Herbie Hancock ? Chick Correa ? Roy Ayers ?

It is because creativity is about revolution of mind and you do not rethink your own true self when you are in the second half (ie. 50 to 100 year old). Simple as that.

So now, I rely on young trailblazers like Mr Glasper, Meshell, José J, Bilal, drummer Chris Dave, Anouar Brahem, Eric Legnini & The Afro Jazz Beat, Michael Kiwanuka, Soweto Kinch, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kaidi Tatham, japanese Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro, Ayo, Sandra Nkaké, Nneka, maybe one day on: Ambrose Akinmusire, Christian Scott, multi instrumentalist Sean Khan, Bibi Tanga Et Le Professeur Inlassable, Shawn Lee...

Gildas said...

Hey of course don't get me wrong.....

I am fond of Blue Haze (1953 and 54), Ahmad Jamal at the Pershing in 58, Everybody Digs Bill Evans (59), NINA SIMONE, COLTRANE, Mingus Ah Um, some Cal Tjader, some Walt D in 1961 (not Walt Disney, you fools!).... let me finished with one of my favorite track of all time (TOP 12): the seminent "Out Of This World" (1962)

Peace also to Bobby H, Michel L, Blue M, Duke P, Gene H (ouh Lord!), Les D, Serge G, Dollar B, Abdullah I, Hubert L, Ian C, Jack McD, Dizzie G, Donald B, Herbie H, Joe H, Michael N, Quincy J, Takeshi I, Bill W, Curtis M, George B, George D, Marvin G, Oliver S (oh dear Oliver S!!), Wade M, Aretha F and Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers (Anthenagin is one of THE 12 Ultimate Jazz album)

Peace Out