Sunday, 11 December 2011

Wayne Shorter (Bomb!)

De Pois do Amor, O Vazio (After Love, Emptiness)

Taken from Odyssey of Iska.
Blue Note King GXK 8080 (Japanese Press)

Recorded at A&R Studios, New York, 26th August 1970.
Produced by Duke Pearson.

Quite possibly, my all time favourite track. Eleven and a half minutes of pure heaven from an incredible line-up. The whole album is breathtaking, with both Ron Carter and Cecil McBee on basses, Dave Friedman on vibes, Gene Bertoncini guitar plus more. But, and from the liner notes "The three percussionists also were delegated to special roles. The regular drum part was played by by Al Mouzon, whose celebration of life brings De Pois do Amor, O Vazio to a mind-shaking climax."

If you've never heard this .... well.


katonah said...

charlie said...

Sounds great so downloading now. Never been keen on the non-hard bop Blue Note WS, hope to be converted.

katonah said...

Stick with it, if only for the outro!

the jazzstronaut said...

Thanks Katonah.

nick said...

Very nice -- similar vibe as George Braith's Musart, to my ears (though I suppose this came first). Turns out I've had this for year but have been snoozing away all this time. Thanks for the pointer, katonah!

paolo said...

Oh my! This is tremendous.


Winb said...

For you to say that quite possibly this is your favourite track is saying a lot. But I've learned to trust your opinions and it is a beauty.