Monday, 16 May 2011

Jazz in the Classroom. Volume XIII

Jazz in the Classroom Volume XIII.
featuring the works of Jaxon Stock and Hal Crook.

Berklee Press Publications.
Recorded 1973.

This is such a beautiful album.

Snaggin' Song:
Hal Crook trombone, is show cased on this gently driving , medium tempo chart. The use of the Db Aeolian Mode, the straight eighth rhythm, plus the subtle drone quality of the back up, combine to give a hint of "eastern" flavor.


katonah said...

Gary Lawrence said...

so this was intended as a simple play-along for beginning Jazz students? Brilliant! Just last weekend I was in this conversation with a local player who'd taught all over the continent and he pointed out that obvious fact that so many of the kids are given 'interesting' lines to play, but given no guidance as to why they are playing what they play, its just following the notes, gobbling dots and spitting them out with a swing. I remarked that it was like my first book, the Mickey Baker Jazz Guitar vols, there were all these really neat chords but no guidance whatsoever on how to pick one over the other in any real-world situations, for a long time I figured you just had to learn by osmosis!

so the next question is ... do you have any more of these? :)

Hoochie Coochie man said...

Snagging this song right now! ;) theres never enough school jazz is there.. thank you again Katonah!

g.raf said...

Very nice Katonah.

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