Friday, 4 March 2011

Prince Lasha Ensemble

Prince Lasha : Insight.

Here's Nuttin' out Jones with Stan Tracey on Piano, Rick Laird on Bass and David Snell on Harp. Early Lasha, but quality all the same.



katonah said...

sasha said...

Holy smoke this looks interesting!! Gotta love the Prince during this period..We're talking 'Firebirds', right? There aint a date here but I'm thinking mid-60's..Yea this track I know from the Elvin Jones Impulse session..Wow I'm intrigued..Thanks man.

taro nombei said...

Yes this is totally new one to me. I need to get hold of the re-ish. Thanks again for all these recos.
Private Press — always essential!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this album to my attention. Great UK date with Tracey etc. Managed to locate. Cheers.

Arizona Phossils said...

thank you sir!