Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Turkish Women at the Bath

Pete la Roca.
Turkish Women at the Bath.

John Gilmore, Chick Corea, Walter Booker and Pete la Roca. Just in case there's maybe one person that's never heard this. Sublime.

Vision Pulse
The first breath on Love Planet
Dieties establish the tempo of fire through air as he prances to New Depths
Lingering here and there for wisdom.
Things begin to come together and we see flashing clarity
A matter of conviction bringing out a purer dance now.
New strength, new necessites, always changing as compositions refect a state of mind and heart and only heart heat can be heard
Where we are now
Jewels strung by hands animated by joy
At a calm center of multiplicity
to Pete la Roca.


katonah said...


sasha said...

Ah come on Katonah..You know there's always one! Preaching to the converted here mate..Its a great session..Weird recorded sound though..I spent a while chasing down different issues of this hoping someone could re-mix the soup..No luck..Still can't argue with Gilmore and Corea together.

roberto t. said...

Yeah, sasha, never got over that strange mix. Well, let's make believe these people are in your house in different rooms, and this Gilmore is so close!

Laurent - Clap Yo Handz said...

I got the LP at home, there's a wonderful song with 2 minutes introducing by bass and piano... Great!

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