Sunday, 9 August 2009

J. R. Mitchell.

J. R. Mitchell.

Doria Records recorded live at Northeastern University, Boston.
10th May 1978.

Piano: Solineus Smith. Bass: John Neves. Tenor, Soprano: Gary Hammond. Percussion: JR Mitchell.

Picked up this (poorly) private pressed album for the Solenius Smith, Shamek Farrah, Strata East connections. For the most part, the set plays it fairly safe with all originals penned by Mitchell, Hammond and Smith. However, the atmosphere of the recording is compelling with snatches of conversation between the players evident on the long run-ins. Nice


katonah said...

chano said...

Thanks for this Katonah. Nice and mellow, the on;y Mitchell-led session?

Fat Toro said...

Unfortunatly I had to stop my blog... So any record you want to re-post from there please be confortable to do it.
I’m sorry for this...

Wallofsound said...

Only one track -- The Need to Smile -- downloads from the mediafire link, katonah. I really enjoyed this, is it possible for you to share the other tracks?

I did a bit of searching and Wikipedia has a good profile on Mitchell ( including this discography:

* Deep Roots - Sonny Stitt Quartet, Progressive Records
* Family Man - Jaki Byard Trio, Muse Records
* Live at Macalester College 1971 - J. R. Mitchell/Byard Lancaster Experience, orig. issued on Lancaster's Dogtown Records, re-issued in 2008 on Porter Records
* Moven' - J.R. Mitchell Universal Ensemble, Doria Records
* Walls of Africa Suite, Lincoln Center Performance - J.R. Mitchell Universal Orchestra, Doria Records (Unreleased)
* Philadelphia Spirit in New York (2001) - Ed Crockett, J. R. Mitchell, Odean Pope, Byard Lancaster, Creative Improvised Music Projects, Music Inn Studios
* Hamabe - Yutaka Honda Quartet, Doria Records
* The Outcry – Ed Crockett, J.R. Mitchell and Byard Lancaster, Lancaster Recording 9003

Fat Toro said...

crazy world...
my blog is back!

sorry 4 it...

Reza said...

doing as am told and grabbing it now :)

alanmck said...

Loved this album for many years now.

For thos that haven't yet, check "John's Hymn", it's truly beautiful, leading into a deep dark place of fire. I put it on an old mix of mine, certainly had a bit of an impact.

Simon666 said...

Nice track Katonah ... like you, I'll follow Sonelius Smith anywhere :) said...

hi katona,
thank u so much for your blog that has rejoiced me with such great music. One of my favourite post is about this incredible live set with Bobby Hutcherson and Harold Land in Antibes Hamburg & Stockholm.
Unfortunately some of the files can't be download or contains some kind of bug that and so they can't be opened... let's say that I had access to half of ther magic, and still it feeds my soul for sure but I want more :)) is there any way you could repost or send me some fresh links ?
keep up the good vibes alive and once again thanks for sharing.
bless !

taro nombei said...

Many (late) thanks Katonah!

taro nombei said...

Many (late) thanks Katonah!