Monday, 16 April 2012

David Durrah : Sea of Nurnen

David Durrah.

Reflections in the sea of Nurnen 1975.
Idibib Productions.

This monster track is lifted from the Japanese cd compilation from 1997. Picked it up for peanuts a couple of weeks ago and haven't stopped playing it since. Top, top tune.


katonah said...

the jazzstronaut said...

Nice one Katonah, good to catch up with this again.

Gildas said...

From Tribe crew, indeed. Check "Moves" and support Tribe; they are still performing and pretty well.

Check their 2009 LP called

I am not usually optimitic with old jazz funk band trying to do revival (remember catastrophic tentative by Headhunters...), but listen to Livin in a nex day or also Denekas Chant. The latest fremind me of Jamil Sulieman bassline during AJ Montreux 1971 show !

Bass [Electric] - Charles Metcalf
Bass [Violin] - Charles Metcalf
Drums - Doug Hammond
Electric Piano - David Durrah
Piano - David Durrah
Saxophone [Alto] - Otis Harris
Synthesizer - David Durrah , Doug Hammond
Violin - Charles Burnham , Trevis Mickeel
Vocals - Doug Hammond
Melodica - Doug Hammond
Percussion - Frederick Boon , Thomas (Turk) Trayler

Detroit's Tribe Records was a political, social, and aesthetic collective of local musicians whose collective identity was a staggering array of aesthetic ones - especially in music. The group headed by Wendell Harrison and Phil Ranelin also held in its ranks Marcus Belgrave and the late Harold McKinney, with countless others, such as bassist Ron Brooks, trumpeter Charles Moore, drummer Doug Hammond, and others joining in for sessions and concerts. Tribe was the only label in history to have had musicians who played with everyone from Charles Parker and Mingus and Sun Ra to Marvin Gaye and the Supremes. Besides the record company, Tribe held a publishing house for a magazine and a production company under its roof

So long,

Gildas said...

One question from LP "Reflections In The Sea Of Nurnen", 1975

I just noticed there are two version of this LP.

One who seems to be the original pressing (by Tribe records and Doug Hammond own label Idibib Production) has 8 tracks. Also 8 tracks for recent Japan Import

But the second, from P-Vine records, has 10 tracks. See here

From the two extra track, one (Flying Venus Trap)was published as EP, but the second one (which is much more groovy) seems unknown. Title is Kai.

Where does "Kai" comes from ?


katonah said...

Thanks Gildas, i have the lp but the 10 tracker is on the download

taro nombei said...

classic track, always good to hear it!

Gildas said...

While traveling around, my ipod keeps playing awsome tracks (well this, I am used to) and especially lots of Tribe crew songs!

Don't miss the sleak package with compcards and all: "Message From The Tribe - An Anthology Of Tribe Records: 1972-1977. I bought it years ago so not sure it is still available for reasonable price.
But it includes Bonus Track like "Farewell To The Welfare (1&2)".

So make yourself a true pleasure!
Talking about Pleasure..ok this is for later ...



Andy said...

Cheers Katonah, I have the compilation mentioned above if you or anyone else wants it.

katonah said...

Hi Andy

I do have that comp, but if you want to upload, i'll stick it up as a separate post.